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Community Event Application

Please complete the application form below and the Weston Homes Community Stadium events committee will assess your application to decide whether it may be regarded as one of the 24 reduced rate community events promoted each year. Please provide as much information as possible.

Event Name:
Anticipated Number of Attendees:
Ideal Room Required (refer to floor plans for further details):
Community/Charity Organisation Name:
Telephone (1):
Nature of Organisation:
Charity Number:
Telephone (2):


Qualification Questions
1. What type of project/activity are you looking to stage?
2. Who will benefit from the project (Target group/charity/beneficiary)?
3. Description in broad terms of project/activity?
4. Has this activity been staged at the JobServe Community Stadium (WHCS) before?  (if yes give details)
5. What is the projected cost of this project / activity?
6. What catering would be required (3 course meal/buffet etc)? (Menus will be chosen upon event approval - this information helps us to provide a quote)
7. Preferred event date (please give 2-3 options)?
8. What times do you envisage the event running from and until?
9. Are there any critical dates for a decision in respect of commencing publicising the event?
10. Are there any risks associated with staging this event (organisational, financial, legal)?
11. If your application is rejected, would you like a member of the events team to contact you to discuss alternative options?

Please note: applicants will be required to comply with usual Stadium Experience contractual obligations and cancellation policy.